Our team

Dr. Lenders Nathalie

It has been my dream since I was a child to become a doctor. I grew up in Wommelgem together with my 5 siblings and went to school in Antwerp. I received my education at KU Leuven, completed my education in Paal.

In 2011 I started in a practice located on the Balansstraat in Antwerp.

Since I think it is very important that young doctors should also be given opportunities to train, I am a recognised internship supervisor. For example, we regularly receive trainees and every year we have a young colleague who specialises in general medicine. This keeps me young and eager to learn.

My husband and my three daughters are my mainstay.

For me, being a general practitioner means: ‘To help and guide every person, big or small.’

Dr. Veraart Ronald

My name is Ronald Veraart. I spent my childhood in the village of Wuustwezel. When I met my wife, we lived in Kalmthout for a few more years and then we moved to Antwerp, where we still happily live.

As a child I always wanted to be a family doctor and that is what exactly happened. From 2008 to early 2022 I had a practice of my own in Essen but since March 2022 I have been working in this group practice, which I really like.

I am optimistic and very satisfied with my life.

As a doctor I am interested in all diseases and conditions at all ages. Ideal to work as a general practitioner and to try to help you all in the best way possible.

Dr. Van Uytvanck Annelies

I am Annelies Van Uytvanck, a versatile soul with a passion for health and research. Before I took the path to becoming a general practitioner, I already explored the world of sports medicine. Alternating between sneakers and stethoscopes, I signed my diploma in general medicine in September 2023. My GP training was a journey that already gave me the opportunity to meet and treat a number of you. From April 2024, I will again commute between Sint-Niklaas and Antwerp South, and I will fill my days with both patient care and scientific research at Ghent University.
For me, being a GP means more than just treating; it’s about finding a balance between science and lifestyle, to promote and protect health.

Dr. Imane Kalaai

We are pleased to introduce Dr. Imane Kalaai, our newest team member, as an enthusiastic trainee general practitioner. As a young colleague in our team, they are a promising addition to our practice, full of energy and dedicated passion for healthcare.

Our trainee general practitioner works closely with the experienced doctors in our team, to ensure the best care for our patients. As part of their training, they will sit down every day with their supervising doctor to discuss experiences, insights, and medical cases. This provides a unique opportunity for continuous learning and improvement and brings a fresh perspective on healthcare in our practice.

We are delighted to welcome this young colleague to our practice and look forward to seeing how they will develop and grow in their role as a general practitioner. We are confident that their commitment and enthusiasm will make valuable contributions to our mission of providing high-quality healthcare to our patients.


Farah is the face and point of contact for our practice. You can contact her with all your questions about appointments or administration.

She supports the doctors in the day – to – day operation of the practice .

You probably already have spoken to her on the phone, or seen her at the reception.